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The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune...

Cobalt Violet is an irritatingly energetic Classics student who happens to adore writing. She mostly plays around in the Harry Potter fanfic universe, but can occasionally be persuaded to jump ship and swim around in the uncertain waters of other fandoms. She also writes her own (atrocious) original fiction.

She's friendly, so if anyone wants to join her friends list they are most welcome to. She'll probably friend you right back though, so be warned.

She updates her LJ erratically and mostly with fic. It's not that she's paranoid of putting details about her life on the internet, it's just that she thinks there are far more interesting things to be reading about. Her life isn't really that fascinating, and she believes people would much prefer a bit of Sirius/Remus.

The Boring Bits

A full list of all the fiction/fanfiction that can be found within her journal is HERE.

More (incomplete) fanfiction can be found at: Cobalt's Fanfiction

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